Oregon, US of A
Thursday, September 6, 2018

“You live in a very colorful world.  Yet, you cannot fully appreciate such a mesmerizing exhibit unless your inner world is bathed with vibrant emotions.  You are the one to pick the shade of the emotional crayon with which you color your moment-to-moment experience.

“Whenever you feel sad and depressed, you overlook the natural beauty exuded by creation, as your downtrodden mood acts act as an emotional blindfolder. On the other hand, once you make the decision to step out of your funk by raising your emotional frequencies, you can use your sense of appreciation for beauty as a catalyst for such an emotional upliftment.

“As well, rather than associating with similarly downtrodden souls, if you reach out to those who are on an emotional winning streak, you benefit from their good fortune. Emotions are highly contagious.  Why not be ‘contaminated’ by the benevolent ones? 

“A choleric individual may ruin the day of many innocent bystanders by the unwelcome intrusion of his violent outbursts into their auric field.  Yet, such a takeover can be averted by the saving grace of the commanding presence of Peace, backed up by Patience—its loyal second in command. 

“Patience is the art of firmly standing your emotional ground, just as a martial artist deflects the momentum of his opponent by turning the laws of gravity to his advantage. Were he caught off guard, such an impetus would painfully topple him to the ground. 

“Dear ones, practice your emotional martial skills.  Life indeed offers you ample opportunities to do so.  With My coaching, you will become more steadfast in preventing your inner world from being rocked to its core by such undesirable influences.  As well, you will operate in an energy-saving mode, as living in a state of deep peace magically prevents any emotional burn-out.”