Oregon, US of A
Friday, August 14, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “For the most part, your likes and dislikes dictate the decisions you make—what you perceive as gratifying versus what is placing you in a state of emotional resistance.  

Whenever you pick from a restaurant’s menu, you are drawn to the dishes whose description and attractive presentation make you drool in anticipation.  

The same applies to relationships—some are appealing, while others are repulsive to you. You naturally wish to spend time with individuals with whom you have spontaneous affinities.

Your tastes and passions are your primal motivational agents. However, things are far more complex, as life calls you to make difficult choices driven by reason, not by impulsions. It is where the element of wisdom comes in, leading you to ponder: “Which way has a brighter future?”  

It is undoubtedly the one that promotes unconditional love. Love is the ultimate satisfaction of your soul, as it goes with its grain. It has a divinely sublime quality. 

Due to its limited emotional capacity, the human species only gets to sample it—always longing for more, as you have been conceived with love, by love, and for love.  

Jesus exuded a love tinged with the prerequisites of empathy and compassion. “Relate yourself to every man as if you were in his place.” [UB 131:8:4] Such an approach is a win-win situation. It unleashes the synergy of love-in-action and its far-reaching ripple effect. The magical touch of love enlivens your soul, uplifting it instantly, and, because love cannot be self-contained, your first impulse is to reciprocate in kind.  

The Father is love, and nothing you do or don’t do will rescind the love he feels toward you. Why then should you fear never-to-eventuate divine wrath? Patience and mercy are two more reassuring attributes that vouch for the safety of love.  

Emulate these various facets of genuine love. They will shape you in godlikeness while fulfilling your innermost calling.

Paradoxically, to get there, you have to use your dislikes as the ‘middle man.’ What triggers them? Are they rational or fear-driven? How can you get to love the hard-to-love? Only by getting to know them better, thus developing a genuine appreciation for the light flickering under a bushel—the gold nuggets of their persona that lay buried under their rough exterior. Your genuine interest in them will act as a primer, setting their soul afire.”