Monday, November 19, 2018

Mother Spirit: “One of the most reassuring attributes of Spirit is Its omnipresence.  Nothing is out of Its infinite reach—except for stubbornly closed hearts and minds.  Indeed, Spirit honors your free-will prerogative.  Viewed from this angle, you can fathom the extent of the ‘veto powers’ vested in your free-will. 

“Ask yourself how wise it is to turn down the manifestation of the Divine Will in your life?  How much good does it do you to turn your back to truth, beauty, and goodness?  Your Divine Parents are continually calling the names of their estranged children, as their absence leaves a hole in their hearts.  Have you ever stopped and pondered how your behavior affects others, including the Divine Loving Source of your being?

“Many of you can relate to it on a personal level when they suffer from the repeated rejection of loved ones. Whenever their outreach is met with cold shoulders, it pierces their heart.  Jesus experienced such painful rejections but never gave up—even after drawing His last human breath.

“This is also the reason why He dispatched His Spirit of Truth as His goodwill Ambassador, in the undying hope that His planetary children would wake up to Divine Love and change their ways through powerful ‘heart conversion’ experiences.  Indeed, a conversion implies a ‘turning around’ to face what you were previously avoiding.  Once avoidance has been out of the way, many doors of opportunity will present themselves to you—like the one depicted on your colorful Advent calendars, where each day blesses you with a special treat. 

“Dear ones, I too am sending My Holy Spirit in many renewed ways.  Indeed, a growing child has other needs than a babe.  As you expand your spiritual vessel, I am Here to fill it to the brim with the nutrients that foster your healthy spiritual development.  One size does not fit all in spirit.”