Oregon, US of A
Sunday, May 3, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “You have to feel your way through the darkness, which implies that you may bump into things and get bruised.  When you are taken over by spiritual, emotional, or intellectual gloominess, it is an act of bravery on your part to keep plowing forward, looking for a smart way out. How else could you ever emerge from these claustrophobia-inducing predicaments?

The human condition requires you to go through the intense training of the earthly boot camp—the entry-level of your universal education.  You learn through trial and error, and your failures will not be held against you, as they teach you ‘what-not-to-do’ through their negative experiential connotation.

‘Experience’ is the keyword here.  Wisdom gets harvested from the experimental petri dish.  It makes you better-informed, and, based on its positive input, it gives you a surer footing next time you find yourself wandering through a familiar maze.

Evil consists in persisting in the unmasked errors of your ways.  Of course, such a stance is unwise, as sin is an all-around victimizer.  What motivates acts of iniquity is the unsound lure of self-gratification—placing the ‘me’ over the ‘we.’  Yet, this instant gratification is short-lived and costs you your peace of mind—an unfair trade, as inner peace is your most precious commodity.

By pooling your experiential wisdom—good or bad—you are placing it on the altar of higher service.  You are transmuting your ‘bad’ experiences into a generous and humble contribution for the sake of others to spare them from their identified painful kickbacks. 

Those who lead inspirational lives are most qualified to be appointed as leaders of the pack. They are street-smart and strong-willed. They speak with the authority of wisdom and lead by example, thus demonstrating the do-ability of the better way.

Share your expertise freely while profiting from others' resourcefulness.  It is a win-win situation that will bypass much unnecessary delays and hardships.  The Israelites could have made it through the desert in a whopping 40 days.  Yet, it took them 40 years because they bulked against the informed leadership of Moses—God’s anointed champion at the time.”