Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 14, 2018

“…When man realizes that the Universal Father is his partner in eternal progression, when he fuses with the indwelling Father presence, he has, in spirit, broken the fetters of time and has already entered upon the progressions of eternity in the quest for the Universal Father.” [UB Paper 118, 5:2]

Thought Adjuster: “What an amazing promise is contained in the above statement!  Isn’t it amazing that the Father thinks so much of you that He has invested Himself fully in you—not as an aloof Observer, wondering about the outcome of such a gamble, but as the One offering you an eternal and mutually beneficial partnership?  How could you turn down such a magnanimous offer? 

“What stands in the way of those who do so, is their failure to perceive the everlasting profitability of such a human-divine partnership.  They raise many objections of the type: This is too good to be true! 

“No. It is not too good to be true—it is actually far better than it sounds.  It is true, good, and beautiful, as such are the combined attributes of all divine undertakings.  Your limited understanding cannot do justice to the infinite divine Vision!  Rather, allow your divine Informant to brief you about your exciting eternal life-plan. Such a plan can only find its fulfillment “when man and God enter into partnership”. 

“What does it entail?  The Father is the one presenting you with such a proposal.  Indeed, He needs you as much as you need Him to bring about the fulfillment of the loving vision He has for you—a vision that includes Him!  Take a moment to ponder this.  This will radically change the way you assess the impact of your life.  The Father wants to be your forever Partner!  Such a partnership would, indeed, take you to levels of personal achievement that you would never have deemed possible.  Such a divine proposal also reveals the faith that the Father has vested in you.  Why then is it so difficult to take His word for it? 

“Dear ones, before saying ‘yes’ to such an offer, ask your postulating Partner how it will affect your life.  On your world, many companies ‘merge’ with bigger ones to improve their market position.  The new partner infuses them with capital and improves their chances of profitability. 

“As well, you are meant to ‘merge’ with your divine Indweller—to fuse into oneness with Him, thus becoming an upgraded being endowed with superpowers, as you will have demonstrated the ability to use them ‘wisely’ and ‘selflessly’—thus emulating two of many Godlike attributes.”