Oregon, US of A
Monday, July 29, 2019

“It requires a great and noble character, having started out wrong to turn about and go right.  All too often one’s own mind tends to justify continuance in the path of error when once it is entered upon.” [UB 184:2]

Thought Adjuster: “How do you successfully correct the error of your ways?  First of all, you have to recognize that your words or actions do not feel right.  Your inner moral compass will rebel against your misguided undertakings, as it is programmed according to the litmus of the Golden Rule.

“Whenever you do not treat others as you would like to be treated, you sever the family ties and find yourself in a self-imposed spiritual exile.

“You then have two clear choices:  Either you quickly make a mental note of the inner state of anxiety caused by the breach of the family covenant, and you reverse steam to work your way back ‘home,’ expressing remorse and the desire to make amend.  It is what good parents teach their little ones when they give them a time-out to reflect on their actions, eager to welcome them back in their forgiving embrace.

“The second option is neither for your highest good nor for the one of your entourage.  It is the one where pride becomes a big stumbling block, preventing you from turning your life around—a conversion experience of sorts. 

“Another point I would like to make is that, whenever you set out to justify your misguided actions, you are coming into direct conflict with the part of your mind that I indwell. I then manifest Myself as the small voice that questions your decision: “Are you sure it is what you want to do?”  I will ask you more than once, as your initial resolve is still shaky and gives me some room to interject. 

“Good and bad habits are formed through repetitions.  Keep it in mind when you find yourself at a crossroad.  By stubbornly shutting Me off, you relegate Me to the minor role of observer, which leaves you with a feeling of uneasiness and growing anxiety.  As well, you will have to deal on your own with the boomerang effect of your unyielding misguided decisions.

“However, it is never too late to turn around.  I am hovering over you in a standby mode, waiting for your permission to jump back into action and guide you back into the warmth of My embrace.  In those moments, all self-pride will dissolve, opening the way for full-fledged divine intervention.  You will then regain both your self-respect and the respect of your peers who are well aware of the courage and humility it takes to openly admit to the errors of one’s way.  Those are indeed the making of “a great and noble character.”