Oregon, US of A
Saturday, July 11, 2015

Teacher:  “Dear child, as you are asking to receive our higher teachings and are putting your mind into neutral, you are somehow pushing the reset button of your brain and consciously asking that it be attuned to the highest instructional circuits available to you.  It is very important for each one of you to condition your space whenever you ready yourself to enter the Stillness so that the quality of your Stillness experience be uncontaminated and unaffected by the interference of lower spiritual channels.  Compare your brain to a receiver that can be attuned to a variety of spiritual signals that are permeating the universe. 

“All individual creatures, based on their level of spiritual achievement, emit their own frequencies.  Whenever two souls function at the same frequency level, you call them kindred souls as they truly have much in common at that time of their connection.  Later on, based on the speed of their personal evolution, they may or may not remain on the same wave length and some relationships come to their natural end and are replaced with new ones which are a better match to your current vibrations.  As human beings you experience these relationships as friendships, camaraderie, or more intimate and exclusive love connections.

“The Father has many beings that have been, are, or will be your Teachers along your ascension journey toward Paradise.  As you master the individual lessons, you get your graduation certificate and you move on to the next curriculum that is monitored by the most qualified Teacher for your current needs.  Each one of you is enrolled both in Gifted and Talented programs and in Special Aid programs.

“In your educational system, extra help is provided to the students who experience some hardship in mastering some of the lessons while other students are approved to skip some classes as they are already familiar with the subject matter and would be bored by having to sit in that classroom.

“This is the reason why, when you leave your birth planet, you will be thoroughly evaluated as to your spiritual standing and your soul development;  you will then be oriented toward the Mansonia classroom which will promote your continued growth.  No student is ever left behind as the super-universal classrooms are all about continued education and helping to bring forth the best in every student.  The Father’s program is fail proof as He knows your qualifications and wishes for you to experience the joy and the fulfillment of your soul purpose.”