Oregon, US of A
Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, in the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus asked the Father to give us today our daily bread.  Just as the Father gave manna to the Israelites on their long journey through the desert so that they may be sustained and carefree about their daily sustenance, the Father also provides each one of His children, at all levels of His creation, with their daily bread, the sustenance needed to maintain their spiritual well-being and energies. 

“The manna from Heaven was not given in a wasteful manner, to be stowed away for rainy days.  It was given, one day at a time, not to be saved as it would spoil.  Do pick carefully your spiritual nutrition as well.  The Father is making sure that each child who asks for spiritual sustenance is being privy to the best spiritual influences and gifts that he/she can handle at any given moment.

“Sometimes, this divine sustenance has to be extracted from the life challenges and does not come as a freebie as it would not be appreciated the same way.  What you acquire through your own efforts is so much more valuable to you than what may appear into your life through mere luck.

“Each child of the Father rightfully takes pride in his/her achievements.  What would there be to be proud for if no effort was involved in the process?  “No pain, no gain”… no gratitude.  The degree of gratitude seems to be proportional to the degree of the desire to receive the intended result.  The harder the challenge, the greater the gratitude when you God victoriously move your whole being through the challenge. 

“Such a challenge truly strengthen your being, to the point that you can lend a helping hand to others on a similar journey.  This is precious assistance.  Through the expansion of your own being, you can become qualified to become a life coach to others by sharing your experience and your spiritual tools with them.  This is why it is so important to continuously ask so that the channel of receptivity can be kept open.  You will be amazed at what your questions attract into your life as they are truly inviting the Divine to step into action instead of passively standing by until such permission to assist is granted by the human child.

“Your Divine Family is asking to be of help and, once you accept their assistance, they too are receiving what they are asking for and become empowered to empower your life and to lead you to the less traveled road which will reveal to you new perspectives and panoramas.”