Oregon, US of A
Friday, October 27, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “The thought entered your mind that, just as many meaningful relationships start on the internet, spiritual relationships start on the ‘inner-net.’ This is the reason why you should not wait to be on the other side of the veil to initiate a lasting relationship with Spirit.  What do I mean by that?

Understanding that you are spiritual beings having a physical experience—rather than the other way around—each one of you has to get in touch with their spiritual side, as it should be assigned a greater priority in your life. 

As spiritual beings, the establishment of a relationship with Spirit is very doable, as you are equipped with the right gear to do so—involving both your heart and mind.  Spirit is all-pervading and this is the reason why Its circuit is available to you if you set a personal intention and ask Me to connect you. 

Just as you had pen pals from other countries when you were a child and got to know them through the sharing of handwritten correspondence, you now have a multitude of internet pals whom you have never met face to face and yet are getting to know in spirit. 

This should give you the needed motivation to initiate an ‘inner-net’ connection with Spirit and your Guidance Team who are well versed in this type of connection.  Ask and you shall receive is the prerequisite.  It is like placing a work order with your internet provider and being available to answer the bell when they present themselves at your doorstep to activate the connection.

Dear ones, there is a wealth of relationships waiting for you.  Their reach is timeless and space-less and their impact is eternal whenever they are grounded on Love, Compassion, and Empathy, as they are of the type that makes a lasting impression on your being and motivates you to try harder to be a good and solid friend.”