Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, contrast is a tool for spiritual growth.  Contrast is what allows you to make independent decisions as it separates the options from one another.  There is a divine flow of truth and there is the background of ignorance.  A painting has to have points of focus and areas of contrast in order to stand out.  The decisions you are making in your life are comparable to you picking up a paint brush and selecting specific colors to paint your reality.  Are you picking radiant colors or are your picking dull ones?

“The reality manifested in your life will be a reflection of the color palette you are choosing from.  Sometimes, in the dance of human relationships, you may have to compensate for some of the color choices of others.  Not only are you painting your own reality but, at the same time, it is a minute part of the bigger picture-- the co-created picture wherein everyone has some input.”

“Now is a time when many discordant colors are being perceived in the big picture.  It is time to enlist the expertise of color consultants in order to perform some makeovers in the disharmonious areas.  The first step is to identify them in order to be able to remedy to them.  Through the many crisis situations that the planet is dealing with right now, areas in need of correction are coming to the fore.  This is truly good news.  As the error of the old ways is being revealed, it becomes possible for humanity to step out of them and make better decisions in alignment with the Divine Plan of Perfection. 

“Learn to scrutinize your own life so that you can remedy to its imbalances and therefore harmonize your being with the divine input.  This is own progress takes place.  A disassociation from old unhealthy patterns is what brings healing at many levels.  Each one of your decisions matters in the big scheme; each one has a ripple effect in the universe.  This is why by changing yourself, you truly change the world.  Each one of you is a highly influential being but many are not aware of their circle of influence.”