Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “What does a humble bow symbolize?   I am speaking here of the respectful ‘Namaste Bow’— “The God in me bows to the God in you.”

Because of its sublime object, your bow is slow, intentional, and made with full awareness.  As your spine obediently and graciously curves under your mental prompt, you relish that smooth forward and downward movement. 

Such a bow is a symbol of surrender and submission to The One Who honors each one of you with His Presence.  How quickly would human interactions improve if you kept in mind and heart this most relevant fact of life! 

Start your day bowing at the Divine and Its Representatives down the benevolent spiritual chain of command.  The Father honors you with His Indwelling Presence.  He also blesses you with the various complementary beneficial influences of those He created in perfection and the legions of ministering Angels.

To bow down to these noble influences cannot but positively affect your demeanor.  It acknowledges your willingness to learn from them as a diligent apprentice in self-mastery. 

Don’t you wish to be honorably discharged when you move on to your next way station? What is truly memorable is how you cater to the enhancement of the God-given talents bundled in your personality portfolio—your authentic, energetic signature.

Your ‘mature’ qualities will tutor the ‘budding ones.’ They will act as the levers and catalysts toward your emerging greatness.  Aren’t you curious to steal a glimpse at your authentic self—just as an expectant mother envisions her newborn's features, eager to gaze into its open eyes?"