Oregon, US of A
Friday, April 5, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “When you utter such an affirmation, it is music to My Ears and be assured that I instantly and joyfully relay it to My Paradise Home Base where resides the First Source and Center—the One who set the super universes in motion by sheer will power.

“As human creatures of time and space, you have been programmed from On High to become Godlike.  What an undertaking!  If you stop and think about what it implies, it will dawn on you that it is the very reason why you were awarded free will prerogative—a potentially volatile attribute in your state of spiritual immaturity but a prerequisite to your attainment of Godlikeness.

“Therefore, you find yourself initially in a sticky predicament, as your free will seems to be constantly engaged in a tug-of-war with itself—a type of bipolar disorder where it sways between its animalistic and down-to-earth propensities and its loftier spiritual  impulses that are sensitized to the inward and Godward gravitational pull of Paradise and Its unfathomable rewards.

“Looking at it from this perspective, making God-centered decisions should be a no brainer, as they are the only ones yielding eternal dividends.  Yet, because your physical senses lure you with their desire for instant self-gratification, many of you are prone to fall in their shortsighted trap—the one with an expiration date.

“In all the crucial life’s decisions He had to make, Jesus, after contemplating the various case scenarios in a meditative and prayerful mode, always ended His presentation to His Heavenly Father by saying: “Yet, I want your will to be done, not mine”, thus leaving the final say to the Father.  Indeed, Faith is “…to submit to the doing of the Father’s will without questioning and in the full confidence and genuine trustfulness of the Father’s wisdom…” [UB Paper 170, Section 2]

“Knowing that the Father is all-wise should reassure you.  By following My inner leadings, you are in the best of Hands.  By surrendering your will to the Giver of Will, you are magnifying its power.  There is no better vantage point than to ride on the Divine Coattail.”