Oregon, USA
Monday, November 1, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “The life force that courses through creation is a divine gift—all-animating. It finds its origin in the First Source and Center located in Paradise. Like pure water rushing from an inexhaustible spring, it hydrates everything on its passage. Authentic miracles, such as the bestowals of life and personality, are Acts of God—non-replicable by man.  

In your universe, the phenomenon of procreation occurs within the various kingdoms that saw the light of day through the Life Carriers' dedicated landscaping and populating efforts.

“[W]e have on record the creation of one hundred million Life Carriers [. . .] graded into three grand divisions: The first division is the senior Life Carriers, the second, assistants, and the third, custodians. The primary division is subdivided into twelve groups of specialists in the various forms of life manifestation.” [UB, 36:1.2-3]

As depicted by their title of ‘Carrier,’ this order of created beings transplants life forms from other realms to planets exhibiting a favorable environment. “In the later evolution of mortal creatures, the Life Carrier Sons provide the physical body, fabricated out of the existing organized material of the realm, while the Universe Spirit contributes the “breath of life.” [UB, 34:2.5] 

Let us now ponder the incarnation of Jesus, a divine Son, on Planet Earth. Not only did he acknowledge that all life—his included—is a gift from the Almighty, but he also revered it as such, with a heart brimming with gratitude. He grasped that all divine gifts have a practical purpose toward the collective welfare.

He flawlessly role-modeled what it is to be a living gift—an everlasting blessing to past, present, and future generations. His life was an impactful disclosure of the intrinsic power of love-in-action and interaction. 

His death on the cross was not a parting gift since he keeps giving of himself post mortem—as you will in your perfected state. All his breathes and heartbeats were part of an unbroken chain of custody of love that started when he decided to incarnate among you—thus authoring a loving preface to the book of his human life. He never ceased to operate in an all-inclusive gifting mode—intentionally, thoughtfully, compassionately, and pro-actively.

The words that concluded the final chapter of his terrestrial sojourn were, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” He thus consecrated his last breath to serve as a vehicle toward his next glorious operational platform. He rendered to God what belonged to God—the purest and most precious substance kept out of the sacrilegious reach of his tormentors and executioners. Up to the last minute of his glorious crossover, he focused on adding more souls to the homecoming gift he humbly laid on the divine altar.”