Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “A life well-lived can be summarized in a series of ‘graduation’ events. How so?  You are born as helpless babes and, if you were not to learn how to take care of yourself, your life would not amount to much, as procrastination equates standstill. 

“You are ‘evolutive’ creatures at all the levels of your being—visible or invisible.  This is the reason why you are following a specific ‘growth chart’ that needs to be balanced to maintain your overall equilibrium.  As your physical body grows from babyhood to adulthood, you get to expand your emotional ‘action field’ as well. 

“Let us take Love as an example.  Babies are at the receiving end of this emotional parental sustenance.  In the course of their life, they will have opportunities to taste the other facets of Love—of growing intensity:  the sibling affection, the strong attraction felt for the person they select as their mate, the parental love toward their offspring… and more.  In each season of their life, if they are fortunate and apply themselves in the education of their heart, they will graduate from the most elementary level of Love to a ‘cum laude’ degree in Unconditional Love.

“No matter where you stand right now in this formative process of the heart, if you stay the course, you will someday qualify yourself to receive your Masters in Unconditional Love.  Can you fathom how much more effective your life will then have become? 

“In his book “Power versus Force”, David Hawkins explains that it has been established by kinesiological testing that a single Avatar at a consciousness level of 1,000 can, in fact, totally counterbalance the collective negativity of all mankind (the 200 level being the demarcation line between positive and negative emotions).  As well, one individual operating at a consciousness level of 300 counterbalances 400,000 individuals below level 200.  “Were it not for these counterbalances, mankind would self-destruct out of the sheer mass of its unopposed negativity.”

“Dear ones, as you go through your day, keep this in mind.  You have been given great ‘planetary’ power.  It is most important that you consciously handle it as, indeed, you can cause much havoc if you do not have your emotions under control.”