Oregon, US of A
Sunday, October 29, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “The Correcting Time in which you are living right now is a time of great hope.  Indeed, it is a time of intense Divine Intervention.  It is when “the wheat is separated from the chaff”—when the valuable and the worthless are sorted out.  It is when the Truth shines ever brighter, directing its spotlight on the ugly graffiti of the lies written on the planetary walls.

Well into the second World War, the situation in Europe seemed hopeless and destruction was wide-spread.  Yet, when the American Allies were moved to intervene at the cost of their lives, the time of liberation came for Europe and gratitude and jubilation filled the hearts of those who had been subjected to much agony and anguish. 

The Father is a loving Father.  Love implies a compassionate connection that is at the Antipodes of the aloofness and detachment of an indifferent heart.  Compassion is the force that drives Love into Saving Action.  It cannot be otherwise.  Gratitude then arises in the hearts of those who were previously held captive in the painful grip of angst and hopelessness. 

This is the reason why Love, Compassion, and Gratitude need to be cultivated in your very hearts.  Learn to look at everything with loving parental eyes.  Do not make misguided assumptions as to the behaviors of your siblings, as you are not in the know of their predicaments.  The Father always forgives, as He knows you inside and out and Mercy is His middle name, so to speak.  Indeed, Love is merciful. 

What is the quality of the love expressed from your heart?  Is it diluted by too many disclaimers?  Yours is to expand your love power so that it can be transmuted from low-grade human love to ‘high-octane’ Divine Love.  By doing so, you will become increasingly liberated from debilitating grudges and the inability to forgive.  Indeed, Love and Forgiveness are meant to enter an active partnership in order to defeat the lower emotions that are partnering in crime and iniquity.

The Correcting Time is when the Allied Divine Forces are getting a strong foothold on your planet and are enlisting your voluntary help as their love-driven infantry. Indeed, the time has come for humanity to think globally and to join the Brotherhood of Man as the laborers in the field, assisting the Land Lord in the tedious task of uprooting the invasive weeds. By doing so, they prevent them from getting the upper hand and depriving you of the sustaining and 100% organic wheat of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. The hour of the heavenly harvest has come and this is a cause for great celebration in Heaven and on Earth.”