Oregon, US of A
Thursday, October 1, 2020

“The longer he preached, the more confused [John the Baptist] became, but never did this intellectual uncertainty concerning the nature of the coming kingdom in the least lessen his conviction of the certainty of the kingdom’s immediate appearance.  In mind, John might be confused, but in spirit never.” [UB 135:7:1]

Thought Adjuster: “John the Baptist prophesied the imminent coming of the divine kingdom—a God-centered society.  Oracles in good standing in higher places predict developments of import for humankind.  Yet they may not fully grasp the jest of the messages they convey as mouthpieces for the Divine. 

John the Baptist was ‘convinced’ that the kingdom was about to appear on Earth but puzzled about how it would manifest. Indeed, its inauguration was an inconspicuous soft opening.

Jesus served as the cornerstone for this staggering project.  Through his impeccable life trajectory, he demonstrated how to enter into an intimate human-divine partnership, thus accomplishing great works. He was the first success story in the historical chain of events he set into motion.  He selflessly volunteered as the landing pad for the first wave of divine intervention on your grief-stricken world, heroically setting a strong precedent for positive change.  The Divine gained a stronghold on Earth through him and in him—an entry point for saving grace. 

Jesus operated in the enemy’s territory, which called for initial precautionary secrecy.  Eventually, his activities became public knowledge, and a growing number of supporters embraced his admirable mission statement, willing to abide by the altruistic Golden Rule.

No matter how chaotic things may still be in your world, the Father has not—and will never—rescind his open-door policy.  The choice is yours.  You can become an asset by asserting as Jesus did, “Father, may your kingdom come in me and through me!  My will is to do your will”—and meaning it.”