Monday, November 20, 2017

Thought Adjuster: Whenever someone is truly sorry, they do their ‘mea culpa’—assuming responsibility for the error of their ways—by sincerely expressing their regrets and remorse.  In order to be sincere, this process has to be heartfelt—not just the intellectual exercise of a statement of facts.  This is the reason why this statement is often accompanied by the physical gesture of repeatedly beating on the heart space with the right hand in a very humble attitude.    

Before coming to that point of ‘pleading guilty’, you will have been at the receiving end of a personal epiphany, as repentance is a personal matter. “What was I thinking?” is a frequent reaction from those who feel ‘hit in the face’ with the realization of the enormity of their misguided ways.  Yet, these powerful awakenings have to be processed through the filter of the heart.

The Father always responds to the sincerity of the heart.  The mind is there to help you process your life’s experience and assess your progress, or lack thereof, as well as figure out what are your inner stumbling blocks.

An objective inner evaluation is the most important step you could ever take toward positive change.  I dwell within you to help you through that process, as the doing of the Father’s Will is a process of the heart. Your mind may help you interpret it for yourself, but your heart has to become the channel of that process, as only loving intentions are acknowledged and bestow value on your actions. 

Dear ones, as you humbly recognize the error of some of your ways, there is great cause for celebration.  Far from being a personal setback, it is a huge step in the right direction--a rebirth of sorts.  Isn’t it wonderful when your spiritual blinders are removed and your inner vision is gradually restored to 20/20?  Confusion is an inner fog that needs to be lifted for the Divine Light to invade your inner space and bathe it in its pristine colors.  Light is Hope.  You are beings of light!  Therein lies the Father’s hope for your bright future, as well as the bright future of His entire creation.”