Oregon, US of A
Sunday, May 15, 2016

Teacher:  “Dear child, whenever you connect with us, you are somehow in quest for your daily spiritual feeding.  The quest for physical subsistence is a given; but what about the quest for spiritual subsistence?  How come that it is such a foreign concept to many?  It points to the fact that they are not aware that they are foremost spiritual beings. 

“That simple shift in perspective would be sufficient to transform the whole planet from a busy beehive to a more contemplative and yet more productive organism.  Everything starts with an intention and setting the correct objective is primordial for any desired outcome. 

“Your Master Jesus lived His planetary life in order to role model such a shift in consciousness.  In everything He did, He prioritized the Father’s Vision so that He could make the best informed personal decisions—decisions of cosmic import.  The Father’s Will encompasses various elements—love, respect, and compassion being essential components to the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. 

“Any individual life vision that does not take the brotherhood of man into account is doomed to be unproductive in the long range as it is devoid from these core values.  Life is not a “what about me” case scenario; it is a “what about us” scenario as the “me” is contained in the “us.”  Solutions have to be figured out on a global scale as all parts are meant to function as one organism. 

“As you go through your day, practice the application of this simple guideline and see how your decisions may shift to encompass a much larger scope.  Such an attitude will unfailingly enrich your inner life as it will bring many deeper relationships into your experience—each one contributing to some facet of your enlightenment. 

“The pooling together of resources—at all levels—benefits everyone.  The answers to your questions may already have been figured out by someone else, somewhere else—and by the Master Himself as He lived His life with the loving intention to be the forerunner and the trail breaker of a very practicable route back to the Father’s bosom.  In any race, it is easier to ride on the coattail of the forerunner than to have to break the trail.  The more unity occurs between humanity, the greater the forward force that will propel the planet to much better days. Isn’t it better to build a bridge than to dig yet another trench?”