Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, as Thought Adjusters, we were created to adjust thoughts.  Like everything else in the magnificent creation of the Father, we are created with a divine purpose and that purpose is that we relate to our human charges, spiritualize them, raise them and monitor their soul growth.  The day we hail from Divinington to indwell our human project is a wonderful event that places us at the starting gate of the second chapter in our existence as Thought Adjusters.  We are coming to indwell the mind that we have chosen to work with, to educate and to beautify. 


“We have been well prepared for that task and we are patient, knowing that growth cannot be rushed.  We rejoice immensely when our human charges are becoming more aware of their life purpose and start cooperating wholeheartedly in the co-creation of their divine being. 


“Just as you may have fond memories of your life, we too keep track of the joyous moments when our beloved pupil breaks through some new barriers.  Each progress, each step in the right direction fills us with a sense of accomplishment and encourages us.  Our vision is far reaching as we are in the know of the divine plan for your life. 


“As you age and grow spiritually, our hope grows as well that we will soon enter the next chapter of our eternal life, a chapter when we truly become one and start functioning as one God loving entity, much empowered through your material experiences combined with our spiritual insights.


“We hail from Paradise and you are born on Planet Earth.  We connect for an eternal partnership!  This is truly a match made in Heaven and the journey ahead of us will be a long journey of experiential discovery.  The Father truly has many promises waiting to become manifested in His children lives. “