Oregon, US of A
Saturday, March 10, 2018

“A display of specialized skills does not signify possession of spiritual capacity.”  [UB556:03]

Thought Adjuster: “In your world, the above needs to be said and even plastered on your advertising boards.  Indeed, if everyone would come to this simple realization, much would immediately change in the way you evaluate success. 

“Jesus, who was a man of expanded spiritual capacity refused to be revered and adulated—always forwarding all credit to His Heavenly Father, the Bestower of All Gifts—the One and Only Who enables Greatness.

“How do you view your pairs?  Do you feel inferior to those who enjoy all the privileges of material wealth?  Do you belong to a ‘fan club’ that adulates man-appointed “stars”?  Are you bragging about the ‘celebrities’ you met in person or through the hearsay of so and so?...  In the end, what good does it do you and them?  In fact, it is rather detrimental to both sides.

“So many so-called celebrities are ‘fooled’ and are ‘fooling themselves’ into believing that ‘they are it.’  What is ‘it’?  Indeed, they may excel in a specific field.  Don’t you all?  Some more visibly than others.  Yet, “you can do important work if you do not become self-important; you can do several things as easily as one if you leave yourself out.”  [UB 555:05]

“Rather than sitting on your laurels and extracting much ‘fame mileage’ out of your area of brilliance, why not rather focus on your weak areas?  These are the ‘construction zones’ of your being.

“A precocious Gifted and Talented individual can skip classes in his areas of excellence.  In your complex life curriculum, why repeat what you already master?  Rather, strive to ‘excel’ in the areas of your shortcomings.  This is how you will become ‘Masters of all Trades’: the spiritual trades that will indeed raise you to the status of divine sonship; the personal achievements that not only will make your Father proud but in which you can ‘rightfully’ take pride.  They will be the expression of your humble gratitude to the One Who blessed you so abundantly with the many spiritual ‘kits’ that are yours to put together.”