Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, once you open your mind to receive, you are turning your mental switch to the “on” position and My input or the input of your Guides and Teachers can start flowing into your mind.  When you express your heartfelt desire to commune with us, we respond in kind--without any delay.  It is as if you were dialing our phone numbers in order to converse with us.  We do not ignore such intentions and our response may be instantaneous.  The more you practice this activation process, the faster the connection will be established and the clearer it will become in time.

“As you well know, in any field, practice and repetition are what develop new skills and the mastery of these skills.  Sure, there are some unique God given abilities which are more natural to you, which are already embedded in your being as little seeds.  This are your gifts, none of them to be taken for granted.

“The Father has gifted you with a body, a mind, and a spirit which also have the ability to learn new skills through your own efforts and practice.  Eventually, those are also becoming part of the gift package that the Father is bestowing upon you.  It is His gift to you to allow you to qualify yourself, through your own hard work and efforts, to acquire more skills in your lifetime.

“Some of your gifts come ready made – someone may be gifted with a natural sense of music and rhythm.  Someone may have an eye for colors and may be able to draw without ever taking any lessons.  But the excitement of life also comes from the learning process.  Through that process you can benefit from the life experience of others who are able to share with you some practical tools on how to emulate them in their field of expertise.

“You could compare that to going to an IKEA warehouse in order to pick some furniture for your home.  The furniture is pleasantly presented in the show room and, based on what your eyes see and like, you make a decision as to which piece to acquire.  It will come in a box containing all the needed parts to build the exact same piece of furniture.  It will also come with the step by step instructions.  Your job will be to follow them in order to adequately put together your new acquisition.  It could be a short or a lengthy process depending on how well the instructions are written and on your own ability to understand them.  Ultimately, you will get to enjoy the finished product with the well deserved satisfaction of having it put together on your own. 

“Whenever you bring to the Father the fruit of your hard spiritual work, you are gifting Him with the enrichment that you contributed to your own personality.  You are truly putting to good use the talents you were given at birth, by developing them and by looking at new ways to invest them wisely in your life journey so that they can bear even more unsuspected fruit.

“The Father keeps gifting His children along their life journey.  When you are a toddler, you may get a tricycle from your parents.  When you grow more adept at riding it and it becomes too small for your growing body, they gift you with your first bike – without training wheels – as it is now safe for you to move on the to the next level of transportation.

“When you graduate from school, your family gives you practical graduation presents to help you move into the next chapter of your life.  The Divine has many presents already wrapped for you and waiting for you to be mature enough to receive them and put them to good use.  As you grow, you learn to return the gift of your gratitude to the Giver of All Gifts and you learn to take nothing for granted as everything is a gift.”