Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

“Some persons are too busy to grow and are therefore in great danger of spiritual fixation.”  [UB 1094:04]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us ponder the above statement, as it raises an interesting distinction.  Those of you who consider themselves as “doers” and “movers and shakers” may have come to believe that they are leading meaningful lives.  Is it so?  It all depends on your focus.  Is it merely a materially-oriented focus that leads you to overbook your daily planner to such an extent that you come up with the poor excuse that you have no time left for daily encounters with your Divine Indweller?  Isn’t there then a need to revisit your priorities?  Even though you lead what you consider to be a very active life, isn’t such an activity very one-sided, thus deceiving you into believing that you are living optimally?

“Life can be broken down into various categories:  material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.  Yet, a ‘full life’ is one where the needs of your entire being are adequately met, as they are the prerequisites for growth—your spiritual growth.  If you only cater to what you label as your material and emotional needs—that could, in fact, be misguided wants—you will stagnate spiritually.  Wouldn’t this constitute a handicap?

“Dear ones, whenever you take the time—not as an afterthought, but as a very conscious forethought—to come to Me at the beginning of your days, I will help you expand the scope of your spiritual vision and it will greatly affect the way you lead your daily life.  You will then easily sort through the daily commitments penciled on your daily planner and erase those which you will come to recognize as a waste of your precious time. 

“Make time for growth!  This implies making time for Stillness.  Your nightly rest is very necessary for your growth, even though you are physically inactive.  It allows you to recover physically and emotionally from your exhaustion.  But it is as well an opportunity for Spirit to work with your mind, as for many of you it is the only time when you are somewhat receptive.  What then would happen if you consciously set time aside during your waking hours?  It is yours to investigate and, thus doing, you may discover that you are equipped with an inner door that, once opened, will take you to amazing experiential levels.  Once you walk through this access door to Spirit, you will keep walking with Spirit.”