Oregon, US of A
Thursday, July 26, 2018


“When a great truth seeker and a great truth giver meet, the result is a great and liberating enlightenment born of the experience of new truth.”  [UB 1428:01]

Thought Adjuster: “Truth is such a vast topic.  You have to actively search for it in order to detect it, as chances are that, even if it were right in front of you, you may overlook it had you not been placed in a state of receptivity by asking the matching question. 

“A question mark is the best invitation for personal enlightenment.  How so?  Too often, you become so used to your reality that you accept it without questioning and this creates a status quo of sorts, placing you at a standstill at some level of your growth.  Scientists have established that only a small portion of the human brain is utilized.  If you could only fathom its amazing dormant capacity!  That very fact would awaken your curiosity.  You are so much more than what you have actualized so far!

“Great minds are those that are constantly preoccupied with some unsolved mystery—pondering them, formulating theories, investigating them, and never taking no for an answer, stubbornly refusing to be defeated in their intelligent quest for higher understanding. 

“All of you have experienced at one time or another the pure joy that surges within you whenever you meet someone or are exposed to some circumstances that provide you with a much-coveted pearl of wisdom or gold nugget of truth.  You gratefully welcome such a ‘truth provider’.  As well, you are greatly encouraged to pursue your inner quest, having experienced that it will be rewarded sooner or later, thus adding to your personal inner wealth.

“Jesus constantly reiterated that the truth shall make you free.  Indeed, it is what humankind needs most to thrive.  It is the antidote to the confusion that is rampant at so many levels.

“Dear ones, start by being truthful with yourself.  Ask for full disclosure of your personal truth so that you can understand the lay of your inner land.  Stay grounded in your truth and in your sincerity, as they are magnets for more of the same.

“Truth is often associated with light.  Indeed, it sheds light on dark areas, thus dissolving them and dissipating the fears they harbor.  Be curious in heart and mind so that your life experience be constantly upgraded to new levels of understanding and enlightenment!  It beats hibernating and letting life pass you by!”