Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, Love is Love is Love.  Love is a substance that pervades all there is.  Like water, it has the ability to infiltrate any opening and fill up any open recipient.  The love you feel in your heart for Me is the same love substance that the Father feels for His whole creation.  The Creation is truly colored with Love. 

“The only thing which prevents Love from flowing freely is the separation caused by closed hearts.  A close heart is a dam which prevents Love to enter.  Introspection is much needed in order to consciously release that blockage.

“Love is truly the substance of Creation, its essence.  Love is Divine.  The Father pours out His love incessantly and uniformly as it cannot be otherwise.  As the human creatures awaken to their divine essence, they learn to activate their Love Power and to express it, instead of holding it in.  Love has to flow freely in order to give life.  It takes at least two to dance that love dance.  Love is the instigator of partnerships.

“Do not doubt that the whole universe is engaged in the eternal act of Love as such a Love is the breath of the Universe.  The more you consciously allow love into your life, the more you become a love activator and conduit. 

“Because Love is a powerful force, it is empowering and it is constructive; it is a building block.  Hate, being a state entirely devoid of Love, is destructive as it does not have any solid foundation.  Hate is like a cancer which attacks living cells and destabilizes them.  Anything which is love deprived becomes life deprived, at all levels.

“If you fail to water a plant, it will die as it is not self-sustaining.  Love is what makes the universes sustainable.  As humanity awakens to the amazing power of love and connectivity, it will come to a place where everything is possible through this loving cooperation.  Love without frontiers should be the motto, the mantra, the driving force which can bring unity where there is separation.”