Oregon, USA
Saturday, October 5, 2019

“You are destined to live a narrow and mean life if you learn to love only those who love you.”  [UB 1739:06]

Thought Adjuster: “For the Father, Love is non-negotiable. He loves you no matter what. If a perfect being can love His unperfect creatures with so much ardor, what does it tell you? First of all, it says that YOU are lovable and hold a special place in His Infinite Heart. It also implies that ALL OF YOU have a special place in His Infinite Heart.

"The Father’s Love is both a gift and a given, as He created everything out of the Love substance burning in His lonely Heart. The same love-in-action has been seeded in you, as your destiny is to grow into godlikeness. The telltale sign that you are making progress in that direction is that you grow in your ability to love others unconditionally and that you take great joy into winning over those who play hard-to-get.

“Jesus often explained that He did not come for the righteous ones but to bring salvation to the lost ones, that He would search for the lost sheep to bring it back to the fold. Indeed, a loving heart longs for the exiled sons and daughters. Such is the parental heart, and such was Jesus’ heart and ‘heart-itude.’

“Indeed, if you only cared about those who love you, you would significantly constrict your ability to love. Moreover, you may experience depreciation in the number of your loved ones, as, due to your imperfect state of being, there may arise conflicts between you. What then? Will you scratch their names off the walls of your heart and grow increasingly bitter, meaner, and lonelier?

“What about adopting a can-do attitude in your interactions? What about looking for the common denominators you share with others and learning to love them in their imperfection with a heart filled with empathy and compassion and devoid of judgment? Such is the process of ongoing salvation.

“As Jesus did during His earthly life, learn to love those who cross your path. Ask questions about their life stories. They will lead you to understand why they are the way they are. Those who do not love you yet will certainly be drawn to you by the love and respect you extend to them. Win them over, instead of deeming them unworthy of your love. It is what Jesus so splendidly achieved during His human incarnation.”