Oregon, US of A
Monday, November 27, 2017

“Love is the outworking of the divine and inner urge of life. It is founded on understanding, nurtured by unselfish service, and perfected in wisdom.” {UB 1898:05]

Thought Adjuster: “Isn’t it an observable fact that those ‘in love’ tend to overlook the flaws of the object of their affection and zoom in on their qualities—at times at the expense of discernment and objectivity.  This is actually what Love does and this is the reason why you can be assured that you are immensely loved by your Indwelling Divine Fragment.

However, Divine Love is not blind and enabling.  Rather, it is grounded in the Divine Faith in your highest potentials.  As a being gifted with free-will, you can manifest a dual reality, so to speak, depending on where you focus your energies.  You can exert a positive or a negative influence through your decisions.  Yet, the Father is your fiercest advocate, as He is fully informed of the dormant qualities that He seeded within you.

This is also the reason why Jesus was the catalyst for many amazing conversion experiences, as He loved the sinners without condoning the sins.  Love is the best motivation for change.  Many of you, due to the adverse addictions they have developed have a poor idea of themselves.  Yet, this is not the way your Heavenly Father looks at you.  He takes note of your current state of ignorance and spiritual immaturity, without holding it against you.  Rather, He continuously strives to guide you toward the eternal expansion of your godlikeness—your family resemblance.

Dear ones, look at one another with such eyes, and you will surely bring out the best in each other.  It feels good to love; it is a rewarding feeling, as it brings down the defenses of separation and promotes wholeness—within and without. Indeed, “love is the outworking of the divine and inner urge for life”.  Those who love understand the true nature of others and have faith in their innate goodness.  They practice higher service—love in action—and acquire precious experiential wisdom in the process. Love wisely, as such a type of love does not enable but encourages others to take positive initiatives and climb out of the inner jail of their negative propensities.”