Love Makes You Feel Alive
Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Thought Adjuster:  “As you settle in the Stillness, you wonder with positive anticipation what will be forthcoming.  At times, I keep silent for a while in order to connect with you at an even deeper level—heart to heart—without any mental interference. 

“The deepest relationships are the ones where no word need be spoken and where beings relish in their mutual presence, sharing their silent and yet so powerful vibrations.  Whenever you connect to a loved one, you feel deeply alive, as Love is an activating agent.

“The fact that they experience Love in limited ‘servings’ fails to manifest to the immature creatures the full spectrum of its benefits.  Indeed, they need to experience Love in order to grasp Love. 

“As you receive, so shall you give.  The Love Substance is alive and meant to continuously flow.  Learn to collect this precious nectar within your being as you would collect the morning dew to hydrate yourself.  Not only will it upgrade you, but it will also positively transmute your reality, elevating it ever-closer to God’s Vision—the state of Light and Life that is still so elusive on your planet and within your being.

“You have to connect to the Source of Light in order to activate your own light.  You have to connect to the Source of Love or to its distribution channels, in order to be blessed with it. 

“Dear ones, strive to live each day looking for opportunities—big or small—to act in Love and you will become increasing involved in the Divine Love Partnership.  It cannot be faked, as only genuine Love will leave its beautiful mark in your life.  Anything less than that will fade due to lack of sustainability—divine empowerment.”