Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, you will never err in assuming that I know the real you.  What about you?  Do you know the real Me? 

It all depends on how much energy you invest in our relationship.  I am not the pushy type; I am the patient one.  I will never impose Myself in your life, even though I AM life itself, as I directly hailed from the First Source and Center of All-That-Is.

No one can coerce love, as it needs freedom of movement to thrive.  If held captive, it quickly withers, such a plant deprived of water. My love is a gift—never an obligation. I do nothing out of a sense of duty, but everything out of love.

As you get to know Me better, an organic shift will occur in our relationship, and I will KNOW that you are 'getting Me.'  You will relax in the Us that we form.  You will fully trust in My leadings—symbolic or to the point.  There will be no room left for the deacceleration process triggered by lingering doubt.

Our oneness of purpose will propel us to our relationship's next level, which has much to do with putting our heads and hearts together to let our creative juices flow in meaningful endeavors.  I am ‘itching’ to co-create with you, eager to contribute My inexhaustible energies to yours. Someday, looking back at our track record, you will grasp how much you underestimated what we are capable of achieving when we unite our forces.  You will wish that you had dared to think bigger, as your visions paled in comparison with Mine.

The day will come when we will jointly make some magnificent large-scale plans and carry them out splendidly, as the Father expects no less from our human-divine partnership.”