Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, the universe is a friendly and loving place.  You were created by a willful act of divine love--by the desire of the Father to share His being and to bestow Himself upon His creatures.  This should be the heartfelt desire of each parent at the time of conceiving a new life.  Divine conception is NEVER thoughtless.  On the contrary, it is a process of lengthy preparation and the actual conception only takes place when all the celestial ducks are lined up, so to speak, as the Father does not leave anything to hazard. 

“The Divine Intelligence is infused into all creation, one way or the other, as everything that has ever been created by the Father has a well defined purpose.  Whenever there is a purpose, there is a Cause and the result cannot be accidental. Just as earthly parents lovingly prepare the room of their yet to be born child to provide him/her with a welcoming and supportive environment, so does the Father at the cosmic scale. 

“Love is the ever present ingredient in the Father’s creative endeavors.  You are truly living in a love cocoon--a loving cosmic womb.  As you live your earthly life, you are still an embryonic soul that will or won’t develop optimally based on whether or not you willingly cooperate. 

“You are bathed with many loving spiritual influences and, if you express your desire to open your heart, you will become even more tightly connected with this Love circuit.  A closed container cannot receive the life giving water it has been intended to contain.  Closed hearts are surrounded by this omnipresent love and yet, they do need to open on their own so that they can be infused with that Love Substance and can sponge it up and soak it up to the point of saturation and overflow that leave them no other option as to share it with other thirsty hearts.

“Your Master Jesus walked this earth with an open heart and this is the reason why his life made such an impact on the spiritual transformation of the whole planet.  The Father rejoices in each heart which is a willing recipient of His love and who is a willing conduit as it is how love flows through the connective tissues of life.

“As you learn to look at your life with grateful eyes, you will identify more and more areas where the Father’s love will transpire into your consciousness and you will feel snugger in the Love Cocoon that the universe is providing for the creatures of time and space.  One day, you will break through the cocoon and become so love infused that you will become part of the love reality of others and support their own emergence out of their cocoon.  Many dazzling butterflies will emerge from their pre-life slumber and stretch their spiritual wings beautifying their surroundings and revealing the beauty that the Father has bestowed upon His creation.”