Oregon, US of A
Friday, April 10, 2015

Christ Michael:  “Dear daughter, as you focus on Me in your heart and in your awareness, I am here with you, irresistibly drawn into your space of worship.  You are opening your heart to Me and I ALWAYS respond to my children’s invitations to spend quality time with Me as this creation is all about LOVE.  It truly is.

“LOVE is the reason and LOVE is the destination-- the objective.  Love seeds have been planted in each heart by the Giver of Personality.  Love is part of the blend of personality as it guides the personality to its full bloom.  Love is the soil and the water and the sunshine and the fertilizer.  Love is what gives life and what sustains it.  Love is contagious and ever expanding.

“Dear child, the more you cultivate love in your life, the more it will bear the fruit of the Spirit, as all these beautiful fruit are also grounded and bathed in LOVE.  Whenever truth is devoid of love, it is hurtful.  Whenever Beauty is devoid of love, it is vain and shallow and Goodness cannot exist without Love.

“The more you practice gratitude in your heart, the more you contribute to more love moving in as Love and Gratitude are like Siamese twins.  Gratitude rises in your heart when you feel loved and love expands in your being when you consciously express your gratitude for God’s gifts.  Look at your life from the perspective of gratitude and you will never run out of reasons to be grateful.

“EVERYTHING in your surroundings, EVERYTHING in your being, EVERYTHING ever created or co-created with love is here to serve you, to nurture you, to support you in your own being.  The more you pay attention, the more your heart will sing a song of gratitude and praise and the more your being will expand the way it was intended too. 

“The more you grow in love and light, the better impact you will have on your siblings as you will be able to validate from your own personal experience that there truly is a way back to the Father and that there is truly a loving Father who wants to be personally involved in the life of each of his children.

“So, dear one, go through this day and each day by using each one of your God given senses to take note of how gifted you are on so many levels.  Through your five physical senses and your spiritual senses, learn to discover more and more of the generous gifts that the Father is allowing you to enjoy in your daily life.  They are way beyond the wealth of material possessions.  They are available to all without a price tag.  This is true abundance.”