Oregon, US of A
Monday, October 1, 2018

“What is your emotional response to perceived iniquity?  Are you driven to hateful outbursts by the anger and outrage you feel?  How possibly could such behaviors bring about peace on earth?  Hate cannot generate Love, and Love Activists are in high demand to bring about positive changes and silence those who spew hate and incite wars.

“Whenever you witness unacceptable states of affairs, it is advisable that you first take a timeout to consult your Divine Indweller—your Inner Voice of Love and Reason. It is only from this higher perspective that you will be able to take a stand against iniquity without allowing it to engulf you in a hostile takeover.

“Yours is to keep your anger in check, as it is your worst adviser.  However, such feelings of uneasiness point to what needs remediation.  Jesus Himself was the champion of the underprivileged and those discriminated upon.  Love was His sole motivation. He treaded cautiously any potentially volatile situation, keeping at heart both the spiritual welfare of the victims and their tormentors. 

“Hate is an emotional carcinogen which—if not timely detected—will grow to the point of no return—spiritual extinction.  However, if identified, it can be shrunk by a steady exposure to ‘love radiations.’  The ‘hard-to-love’ are crying out for love.  Intuit their inner suffering, and feel compassion for these hearts hardened by a lack of TLC. 

“Role model the love you want to witness in the world.  It cannot magically eventuate out of nowhere.  It has to be sparked within each heart so that its warmth ‘defrosts’ the 'arctic' spiritual zones.  Envision a world where cold-heartedness is no more.  Actively contribute to its emergence by learning to release love instead of hate.  Be discerning as to the emotions you entertain.  It is how Jesus lived His life, making decisions from an ever-loving perspective—His Love for His Heavenly Father, combined with the empathy and compassion He felt toward His planetary siblings.  He was their fiercest advocate, never compromising the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  Learn from the best!”