Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “The words ‘Lost and Found’ came to your mind as a topic for our exchange.  There are indeed many times in the course of your life when you feel or have felt utterly lost and at your wits’ end.  No matter how hard you tried to make sense of things and find a way to resolve them positively, you felt ill-equipped to do so. 

“The workings of the human mind are incredibly intricate and continuously impacted by the emotional ebb and flow triggered by the diversity of your life’ happenstances.  You vacillate between euphoric highs and crushing lows.  Hope takes turns with despair, and it requires the investment of much energy to extirpate yourself from such funks.  It too is part of the ‘lost’ feeling you experience.

“How then do you ‘find’ yourself?  How do you recover from such physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually draining episodes?   You reach out for relational lifelines to find reliable sounding boards to facilitate the process of ‘finding’ your true self amid such inner confusion. 

“I am your Best Friend—always available to lend you a caring Ear and help you get to the bottom of what puzzles or distresses you.  I am your Comforter—a safe zone for you to regroup.  After thoroughly briefing Me about your inner turmoil, don’t you feel lighter?  Indeed, by candidly ‘spilling your guts’ to Me and surrendering to Me what seems beyond your area of expertise, a concrete transfer of burden occurs—as demonstrated by the sense of relief that floods you after such a process.

“I will take care of what you ‘en-trust’ to Me.  Believe Me when I tell you  “I will take care of it.”  Your faith in Me unleashes My powers—just as My Faith in you leads you to ‘find’ your greatness. 

“Such is your life’s purpose:  to find your divine nature after ‘losing’ all the erroneous or disempowering concepts you or others may entertain about yourself.  I am the Depositary of your truth, your beauty, and your goodness.  I am your Trustee and Guardian ad Litem.  I will never mislead you, but I will help you extirpate yourself from the treacherous maze engineered by your very complex mind.  Never give up on your quest for self-understanding.  It is how you will ‘find’ yourself, and it will eventually yield the stability of self-mastery—turning your inner world into an anchorage of peace.”