Oregon, US of A
Friday, June 29, 2018


Thought Adjuster: “One of the great values of family life is that it is a wonderful practice arena for relationships.

“First of all, your parental figures are both your ‘pre-school’ caregivers and your ‘elementary school’ teachers, as they homeschool you and your siblings after welcoming you in this world, helping you find your bearings in the material reality and teaching you the rudiments of sustainability.  Secondly, you also benefit from the example set by your elder siblings, as you instinctively ‘look up’ to those who are more grown up than you and who break an experiential trail ahead of you.

“Let us now look at what makes you ‘you’.  Beyond the visible and tangible part of your being with all its operating systems that you come to understand through scientific discoveries, there is its counterpart—invisible and shrouded in many mysteries.  You constantly generate thoughts; you have received the gift of imagination; you feel a vast array of emotions, and you are part of a very real spiritual environment for you to explore.

“How do you get in touch with it?  By looking up to your Higher Self—the part of You that I indwell and guide from the inner—from my Headquarters located in your Holy of Holies.  Your Higher Self is the Big Brother you wish to emulate.  Its leadings are peace and love-infused, insightful, reasonable, and they are your launching pad toward godlikeness. 

“Those who are blessed to understand this sublime dimension of their being cannot but set the bar of their expectation to the height of their Higher Self.  Just as parents keep track of their children’s growth chart on a door jamb, you too could chart your spiritual growth.  Are you steadily maturing toward your Higher Self—toward the wonderful moment where little and big brothers can no longer be told apart?  You have definitely a say in its timing.

“Dear ones, connect on the inner with your Big Brother who feels very useless when you fail to show up, as he is eagerly waiting for you, his reason for being.   He is fully invested in disclosing to you the vision he holds for your bright eternal future, never looking down on you, as you are his budding equal partner.” ​