Oregon, US of A
Monday, June 3, 2019

Guardian Angel: “We are glad that you are initiating this more direct connection with us.  We know you well and are observing your struggles.  We see how hard you try to keep your head above water and we hear your pleas for insight.

“An emotional creature is indeed a very complex creature, subjected to the ebb and flow of various emotional states.  Those who are not mindful of their thoughts, fall easy prey to these emotional surges, whereas those who closely monitor their frame of mind and heart, can initiate quick course corrections.

“It is natural to have emotional reactions to various occurrences.  However, due to your dual nature subjected both to the gravitational pull of the highest spiritual aspirations and the down-to-earth gravity of animalistic impulses, you are learning to subdue your baser nature to selectively entertain higher-end emotions.

“As your angelic guardians, we applaud you when you successfully ‘talk sense’ into your troublesome reactions, thus appeasing them.  It is hugely beneficial to you and your entourage. 

“As well, it is how you can maintain a state of inner peace—the warm, serene, and relaxed feeling that you experience during turmoil--and that you can recall at will as a baseline whenever your inner world is under the attack of disturbing emotions. 

“Just as the captain and pilot of a ship skillfully collaborate to stay on course while avoiding dangerous reefs, you too can benefit of the expert assistance of your Divine Pilot and us—your loyal angelic crew--to regain your peace as quickly as possible when you are tossed around by stormy emotions. 

"It is all we expect of you.  Keep up with such a rewarding practice! Indeed, the priceless bounty of your earthly maiden voyage is that all-pervasive peace—the sublime quality of the peace that streams from Paradise—the little patch of Heaven in you.”