Friday, July 10, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, as you visualize in your morning Stillness the awakening of humanity, you also come to realize that this awakening is positively affecting much more than humanity itself – it also affects the various kingdoms of this planet and is very visible in the animal kingdom.  Increasingly, animals are manifesting loving connections with one another and with their human partners.

“As a soul awakens, it awakens to Love and becomes activated as a Being of Love.  Love is a potential dormant in each creature.  On your planet, the many apparent adversities lead many beings to build a protective shield around them with the intent of preventive any hurt to run havoc in their heart.  Yet, by doing so, they close their hearts and stop the flow of Love.  This results in the shriveling of many hearts. 

“When love stops flowing, the co-creative process stops as love is the creative partner.  If you kick it out of your creative endeavor, your creations may not hit the divine mark of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  A good heart is a loving heart, anchored in Truth and attracting others by the Beauty which emanates from it.

“A closed heart has no power of attraction.  On the contrary, it acts as a repellent.  No moth is ever attracted by darkness as darkness is devoid from any pull.  Once humanity comes to realize that its highest good is being served by the unleashing of God-centered love, the evolution process will make great strides in the right direction and much divine inspiration will transpire in this process.  The Divine can only inspire those who are connected with Love as He will only empower loving intentions.  Period.

“As many are awakening, you can witness more and more spontaneous love in action.  Even in the animal kingdom, animals reach out to one another over species.  The lion is truly laying down with the lamb.  Animals have always been considered as embodying various spiritual traits.  In that sense, they have been inspirational to human beings.  Doves are faithful; dogs love with unconditional love and live in the moment; lions are regal; ants are industrious…

“As human beings open their hearts, the animal kingdom experiences a positive ripple effect; they too let their guards down when they no longer feel threatened by misguided and selfish humans.  Harmonious relationships are so much more productive to overall happiness.  Eventually, the whole spiritual climate of the planet will change as fears and perceived threats will disappear.  God’s plan is to provide His creatures with a safe environment where they can thrive and develop their dormant potentials. 

“Once the snowball effect has gained some momentum, the changes will be amazing to behold and will be a great source of comfort and validation for those who are initiating them and promoting them.  Any being starts as a tiny embryo but eventually grows to full-fledged adulthood.  Direct your energies to be a positive driving force in the direction of the coming to maturity of your Planet.”