Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Laughter.  It can be a powerful agent for the positive release of pent up emotions and stress.  Indeed, stuck emotions need to be released to preserve your equilibrium—physical, emotional, and spiritual.

“Each one of you can think of some unresolved emotions that are held within your energetic being, the most prevalent ones being resentment, anger, unforgiveness.  Their ‘umbilical cord’ is still attached to the past event that gave them birth.  They are emotional squatters that sneaked within your being due to your lack of awareness.  As you obsessively revisit their trigger situations, you are making them sustainable, ‘revitalizing’ them with negative thinking and even fattening them, if you enact your hostility toward those you label as your arch enemies.

“Laughter is a wonderful therapy to release such trapped emotions that have much to do with the fact that you take yourself too seriously.  Learn to put things in perspective by realizing that you are not the center of the universe and that you should not take personally other’s misguided behaviors. 

“It is a sure sign that you have processed the difficult emotions attached to painful events when you are able to laugh at them when recalling them.  It means that they have been emptied of their heavy emotional attachments. Lightheartedness replaces then the previous heavyheartedness thanks to this emotional purging.

“As well, laughter is a powerful agent of unification between individuals.  The sharing of a good laugh does the soul good.  It creates a positive bond between individuals, as long as the cause of the laughter is healthy humor—not hurtful sarcasm.

“Dear ones, lighten up!  Look for these special moments of individual connection.  Humor makes you appreciate each other’s mind and lets out the built-up emotional pressure that could otherwise become very volatile.  At times, you laugh so hard that you cry—tears being another outlet for emotional release.”