Oregon, US of A
Monday, February 12, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to you that, as you strive to grow in Godlikeness, your whole being has to be ‘re-formed’.  Indeed, you are the lump of organic clay from which your divine resemblance will emerge. You are both the clay and the sculptor in training. 

“All of the Father’s works are originals.  Yet, He gives His children His vote of confidence, backing up their aspirations of ‘wannabe artists’.  You are indeed called to develop this co-creative attribute in life’s School of Fine Arts.  What is the best way to proceed with such a curriculum?

“You have to rewrite many of your inner programming—the programming of your mind and the one of your heart.  Your mind has to become receptive to higher leadings in the form of inspiration or spiritualization.  It starts occurring upon the setting of such personal intentions, as they will suffice to unclog the rusty channel of communication with the Divine Source of your being, thus empowering your Higher Self. 

“As your mind is enabled to pick up on high quality thought forms, it will start expelling the baser thoughts it previously entertained that failed to generate any zest for life.  It is like discarding uncomfortable furnishing to make room for more pleasant and ergonomic articles of furniture.

“Such an inner remodeling with then progress to your ‘heart chamber’, the Holy of Holies of your being.  It too will have to be purged from all lower emotions to allow ample access to the rays of Love and Light.  Both your mind and heart will be ‘enlightened’ in that process and never will you look back with nostalgia and regrets to your former living arrangements.”