Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Dear Child, your greatest ally in challenging situations is the Peace that passes all understanding.  Over time, you develop a greater ability for instant recall whenever it has eluded you.  Indeed, life will take you off guard—over and over, as many of its happenstances are interactive.  You have a say in how you lead your life; yet, your zone of influence is in that respect limited to yourself and your areas of responsibility.  They should not infringe on others’ free-will prerogative.                                                                            

“This is the reason why you constantly have to deal with a variety of ‘decisional backlashes’—positive or adversarial.  Whenever they are of a positive nature, they are uplifting and put wind in your spiritual sail, propelling you with added gusto.  On the other hand, whenever they threaten to negatively affect you, you need to quickly produce emotional anti-bodies that prevent them from evicting you from your peaceful ‘Heart-Quarters’ and thus making you feel ‘out of sorts’ and ‘off center’. 

“Such emotions are unsettling and it is advisable to take quick remedial measures by reconnecting with the life-buoy of peace that is always within your reach—even though it may not appear so.  Someone who is frantically struggling to keep his head above waters tends to grab onto anything or anyone within his reach.  Yet, only a strong and experienced swimmer can lead him to safety and he may take under with him anyone who is not composed and commanding enough to deal with his thrashing, kicking, and screaming.

“Dear ones, do not forget that there are always lifeguards on patrol who keep a watchful eye on you.  Unbeknownst to you, one of your guardian angels is always on standby to ensure you stay afloat. If you only knew how often they orchestrate life-saving interventions, you would rest more assured.  As well, you should enter Peace on your inner speed dial and solicit its soothing influence whenever you are in need of comfort.”