Oregon, US of A
Sunday, September 20, 2020

“Spiritual assurance is the equivalent of your personal religious experience in the eternal realities of divine truth and is otherwise equal to your intelligent understanding of truth realities plus your spiritual faith and minus your honest doubts.”  UB 146:3:4]

Thought Adjuster: “One could mathematically formulate Jesus’ statements to his apostle Thomas as follows:  Spiritual assurance = personal religious experience in the eternal realities of divine truth = intelligent understanding of truth realities + spiritual faith – honest doubts.

Let us analyze it. All its components are truth-related. A ‘genuine’ religious experience connects you with divine truth. How else could it be positively transformative?  

Truth is factual and relevant. Your critical mind should strive to infuse its saving light into your understanding to act as a solid framework for your thoughts, decisions, and actions. Truth is informative; it is a precious acquisition that allows its detainer to make informed decisions.

Your initial quest should be to grasp the truth of your being. By deciphering inner clues, you will uncover your purpose, as you have been conceived by the Great IQ that does nothing randomly but everything intelligently and for the best reasons.

Your growing understanding of truth realities condones the frequent leaps of faith you take. Acting upon logically formulated theories presents you with better odds to succeed than merely ‘re-acting’ at the often ill-advised whims of your ever-fluctuating emotions. 

Faith nudges you to override your apprehension and jump off the diving board. The experiential wisdom extracted from the outcome of your bold initiatives will earn you extra credits. It may pin honorific ribbons to your chest that will significantly boost your confidence level. On the other hand, a depletion in your zest for life would be symptomatic that something was amiss in your well-intentioned attempt. Could it be that it was weak in truth content?

Your world is crying for objective fact-finders—those who go to the bottom of things to extract their truth content. Hearsay, rumors, half-truths are a threat to justice. The circulation of unverified data has a negative backlash, as it is neither factual nor truthful.”