Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “It is not necessarily selfish to attend to the self.  However, it can be if your entire focus is directed toward the pleasure of your physical senses. Such instant gratification is short-lived, as your addicted senses are insatiable.   

“On the other hand, if you cater to the fulfillment of your spiritual self, it leads you to live an altruistic life, as your spiritual senses thrive on Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—the elements that, when subjacent to your creative works, appeal to your physical senses as experienced in the fields of the Fine Arts, Philharmonics, Literature, and more.  They go soul-deep and lift you up emotionally.

“To make a positive impact in the way you live your life, you need to remedy to all inner dysfunction—anything that is conflicted within you.  You need to figure out which type of one-of-a-kind instrument you have been crafted to play to perfection in the cosmic Philharmonics.  By sheer perseverance in your daily practices of self-mastery, you will become one with your instrument and allow it to beautifully express your captivating soul melody.

“By catering to your inner beauty, truth, and goodness, you will become finely tuned with your calling in life.  Many of you may have viewed their lives as total failures until they got in touch with their area of expertise—their area of Light. 

“Lightworkers are called to shine their light—just as spotlights call attention to the very minute details of an artwork.  Your light is needed to enhance the tapestry of humanity.  Work with the Light and let the Light work for you, as It shines on all.”