Oregon, US of A
Monday, April 13, 2015

Monjoronson:  “Dear child, I am pleased to respond to your morning invitation.  My mission is to connect with humanity and I welcome any individual who expresses the desire to be part of my team.  Team spirit is what will make us succeed as I am coming to this world as a Guide and Teacher from on High in order to set things in motion for the shift of consciousness, but also in order to bring practical solutions to the problems of this planet.


“This process has been a long time in the making.  Whenever God’s children are straying away from their plan of perfection, measures are taken to set in motion their rehabilitation.  It may not be visible to the naked eye.  Yet, the Father always works toward His divine creative plan, which involves each one of His creature.  The Father holds His whole creation in His heart and any type of separation causes Him sorrow, temporary sorrow, as He knows the beginning from the end and He knows that, in the end, His vision will prevail.


“It is of great importance that each creature, each part of the whole, be enlightened of his/her true purpose.  Living with the wrong purpose creates chaos and uneasiness.  Living with the wrong objectives does not bring fulfillment.  It is important that each thinking creature takes the time to consciously live and asks the Father for His divine vision for their life.


“Joy and happiness are the result of a life lived in alignment with its God-given purpose.  There is personal empowerment in that process as it is wherein the Father’s gifts are contained and this is where things naturally flow.  It is so much easier to float down the stream than to fight against it.


“Whenever things do not go smoothly, it is a good time to start asking why it is so.  Where is the source of disharmony?  How can it be redressed?  Life presents you with a multitude of clues but many are not perceived.  Those clues are like signposts and/or red flags, warning signals. 

“These days, many red flags are popping up in many areas on the planet.  Action is needed in these construction zones so as to reshape this world, so as to re-form it.  Be the change you want to see in the world is a great mantra as, by starting with yourself--your domain of control, you can set change in motion at different levels.


“By changing yourself, you will automatically change the flow of your relationships and each change will have the butterfly wing effect.  It is said that a small butterfly can affect the weather by flapping its wings.  Each action triggers a re-action and therefore, each action is part of a domino effect or snowball effect.


“Live with awareness so as not to trigger unwanted effects.  Each individual has mighty powers which are backed by the Divine.  Learn to unleash your divine powers and life will become an amazing and mind blowing adventure as the Father created everything to experience the thrills of multiple discoveries and experiences.”