Oregon, US of A
Saturday, January 19, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “The reoccurrence of grueling emotional crises leads you at times to you perceive your life experience like a string of shattered hopes that callously pulls you into the quicksand of despair.  From the depth of your sorrow, you feel as if your soul were drowning and at high risk of letting go of the lifeline of hope, about to give up on its fondest dreams.

“Child, you’ve got to hang on!  No matter what, do not let go of hope!  Hope is the fuel of your soul, while despair is the red light that flickers when your tank is about to run on empty. 

“I indwell you and be assured that I regularly monitor your ‘vital’ signs—especially your emotional and spiritual ‘pressure gauges.’  Whenever you encounter hard bumps in the road, do not let them stop you in your forward tracks.  You may have to pause to survey with Me the treacherous territory.  Do not give up by any means!  No matter how dismal your present reality may appear, know that, if you keep a winning attitude, it amounts to a tiny moment in the scope of eternity—a stepping stone toward a brighter future.

“The days will come when the road you travel will widen, merging with other individual paths.  No more will you feel so alone on your journey, as you will enjoy the company of many accomplished fellow travelers—those who have endured solitary journeys along difficult trails; those who have not given up; those who have set their unwavering sights on reaching the spiritual ‘promised land.’ 

“You may feel like you are aimlessly wandering through a dead-ended labyrinth.  Yet, know that each twist and turn adds to the spellbinding script of your life, turning it into a page-turner—a collection of inspiring stories you will share with others, thus refueling their emotional tank with the premium fuel of hope, as long as they learn to read between the storylines.”