Oregon, US of A
Saturday, July 27, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “How does the Father view each one of you, since He does not practice favoritism?  On the day of Pentecost, He fragmented Himself to personally indwell each one of His earthly children receptive to His benevolent outreach. 

“You can then assume that the circuit of the Divine Indwellers—the Thought Adjusters—is harmonious, cohesive, and all-inclusive.  You each hold a special place in the Father’s Heart.  How then do you differ from one another?

“Let us look at you from the eternal spiritual perspective that is your common destination if you choose to embrace eternal life.  Some of you live in spiritual slumber, and your Divine Indweller can only monitor the stream of your thoughts—just as an Air Traffic Controller watches the bleeps on his radar.

“Those who have received some spiritual nourishment already grasp that they are spiritual beings.  However, depending on the quality of the soul-food they ingest, they may only evolve to a certain point.  Indeed, the time comes when your spiritual nutrition needs to be customized to meet your individual needs—due to your uniqueness.  It is where I come in, as well as your Angelic Guardians and Teachers from On High. 

“Certainly, life is a great Teacher, as it teaches you experientially—not just intellectually. However, you do need to use your intellect to extract the wisdom from your experiences.  If you fail to do so, you will not progress and have to repeat the same challenging lesson until you master it.

“The Father loves each one of you to the fullest, even though you greatly differ in your various capacities.  If in His All-Mightiness He never looks down at you, why would you in your finiteness act as superior to others?  Use your advantages to lift other up, just as a rock climber will provide a lift to those climbing below him and who are roped up with him as part of his ascension party.  There is no leader without followers.  Isn’t it then a privilege to lead others?  Lead them in Love and Light, as any other way would be misleading.”