Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Ever since His glorious ascension, Jesus never ceased being protective of His earthly children and did not abandon them to their sorry plight. Instead, in His shining armor of glory, He made sure that they were not bereaved of higher guidance by dispatching His Spirit of Truth and the motherly Holy Spirit.  Not only did He blaze an upward spiritual trail through His ascension, but He also opened a direct channel for the Divine Fragments of the Father to be ‘airdropped’ right within the mind of the children of time and space to closely ‘monitor and adjust’ their thinking, as well as partake in their life experiences.

“This should dispel any lingering thought you may entertain about ‘abandonment issues.’  The Knight in Shining Armor is also the Commander-in-Chief of myriads of celestial beings who take His rescue mission to heart.  Your planet hosts with archangelic headquarters and much more.  They may operate beyond the perception of your physical senses; nevertheless, they are as real as it gets.

“Rather than swimming against the revelatory current that is flooding your planet at this turning point of its existence, go within and hook up with your inner spiritual lifeline.  Once you solidly secure this connection, you will be flooded by the peace that passes all understanding, leaving behind all animalistic fears.  You will come to realize for yourself that you are foremost a spiritual being, equipped to survive eternally—yours willing.  Indeed, your fate is in your hands.

“Own to such a vital fact; set your gaze and your intentions on ‘meaningful’ objectives.  You are far more powerful than you may fathom, as you have received the high honor of ‘co-creatorship status.’ 

“However, by merely focusing on material things, it is all you will manifest, while by setting your views on spiritual gains, you will greatly expand your spiritual horizons.  Keep in mind that, at the time of your crossing over, only your spiritual achievements will have the needed loftiness to accompany you to the other side.  Your earthly treasures will remain bound to the gravity of the material realm from which they originated—some of them eventually returning to dust, such as ephemeral sandcastles swept by tidal currents.”