Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Oregon, July 23, 2019

Thought Adjuster

Subject: “The Kiss of Death”


Message received by Anyas


KISS OF DEATH – Definition: Unwelcome support from an unpopular source, occasionally engineered by the opposition. The phrase is derived from the kiss of Judas and the betrayal of Christ.

Thought Adjuster: “You were reading about Judas’ infamous treason of Jesus by a kiss on the forehead.  To use a token of affection as a weapon of destruction was very coward and shockingly deceitful on the part of Judas.  His kiss turned out to be a disguised slap in the face, as well as a stab in Jesus’ tender heart, especially since Jesus had made a last-minute attempt to spare Judas from this ignominy by voluntarily identifying himself to those who came to apprehend Him.

“How would you have processed such a personal offense?  How do you respond when unfairly treated?  Do you keep your peace as Jesus did or do you indignantly give a piece of your mind? Do you obsessively rack your brain for revengeful ways of getting back at the offender?

“Jesus’ noble and stately response to such an affront was disconcerting to those who witnessed the scene of His arrest. Once again, through His self-mastery, He set new patterns of human behavior by remaining grounded in love and mercy.  He was adept at deciphering the shortcomings of human nature and felt compassion toward the ignorance and spiritual immaturity of those He had come to ‘save.’

“Whenever you find yourself in a difficult and painful predicament, ask yourself, “How would Jesus respond?”  By doing so, you are taking a commendable time-out to consult with His very own Spirit of Truth.  It will make you resourceful in altering your faulty response mechanisms, thus effecting a positive inner change, as well as generating an element of surprise.  By mindfully reforming your faulty response patterns, you will gain the upper hand in the situation, remaining in control of your emotions, which may prompt others to conduct a highly beneficial and often overdue introspection.”