Oregon, US of A
Sunday, January 20, 2019

“Happiness ensues from the recognition of truth because it can be acted out; it can be lived.”  [UB 42:07]

Thought Adjuster: “Even though you may lack self-confidence, you believe in Me, and I believe in you.  As a shortsighted human being, you feel overwhelmed time and again by the intimidating scope of your eternal life.  To succeed in this thrilling adventure, it is important that you develop a backbone of self-faith.  Don’t you see it?  Everything is interconnected.  “I am in you, and you are in Me,” as Jesus so succinctly put it.

“I came to indwell you, wholeheartedly investing My faith and hopes in you.  Knowing about the Father’s Omnipresence, you can infer that you are in Him. 

“Self-doubt is a mitigator with a silver lining.  Those who are overconfident tend to trample all over others’ feelings, intruding into their personal space.  As well, since your life inevitably takes you through learning experiences associated with trials and errors, many of you are deterred from giving it another try after enduring seemingly cruel setbacks. 

“What matters is to keep at it until you figure out how to turn the odds in your favor—thus extracting experiential wisdom and qualifying yourself to share with others the self-help tools you ingeniously devised to overcome your weaknesses. 

“Indeed, once you solve your life enigmas by ‘acting out’ the truth you come to identify, nothing stands in the way of your happiness.  Should you fail to implement your epiphanies, such ‘ah ha’ moments will be short-lived, and your procrastination will add to your lack of self-respect.  What would be the point in being handed the much-coveted key to a closed door, if you pocket it instead of blissfully inserting it to the matching lock?”