Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, as you prep yourself to receive, after relaxing the muscles of your body, you bring your attention to your breath and consciously slow it down, as it the gateway for peace to invade your being.  Hurried and shallow breathing fastens the pulse and induces a state of nervousness—physical, mental and emotional.  It is as if your mind were engaged on a hamster’s wheel, unable to step off it.

“Yet, you have been gifted with a much higher consciousness than the one of mere animals but it won’t function unless you consciously activate it, especially in these situations where your fearful animal nature threatens to take over.  In such cases, you need to reverse your mental gears, so to speak. 

“By changing your breathing pattern, you can bring your mind to an idle mode, where it can catch its breath and regain its composure.  As you are actively engaged in your daily activities with all the social encounters they involve, learn to notice whenever your breath accelerates and a release of adrenalin occurs.  At these very moments, consciously slow down your breathing and you will soon enough learn to preserve your state of inner equilibrium.  All these daily opportunities are wonderful practices and benefit your overall organism.

“Also, by making it a daily practice to spend time in the Stillness, you are engraining even deeper these positive patterns into your being.  Again, your breathing is the gateway.  By taking deep breaths—inspirations—you also become receptive to Divine Inspiration—the omnipresent Divine Breath that you will absorb into all the cells of your being and that will quicken it.  Inspiration not only oxygenates your physical being, but it also oxygenates its other layers.  Spirit rides on the cosmic breath.  Yours is to develop a healthy spiritual lung capacity.  It will develop over time, just as a recovering smoker will start noticing improvements in his overall health after undergoing the initial stages of uncomfortable withdrawal from the short-lived rush that nicotine provided to him.

“Practice your breathing and honor the presence of Spirit within it.”