Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 11, 2015

Christ Michael:  “Dear child, when you look into space with a powerful telescope, you see a multitude of galaxies harmoniously spinning.  Look at your own body and think of it in terms of being a galaxy--a system of its own.  The problem with human beings is that their interaction-- their relating to one another-- is frequently not harmonious and they are literally colliding with one another on the various levels of their being. 

“When they mentally disagree, they argue and use hurtful words to establish their perceived authority.  When they mistreat one another, they give rise to hurt feelings--emotional wounds and scars.  Sometimes, the last ripples of this disharmonious process take place on the physical level when individual express their disunity with their fists and resort to force.

“When individuals function harmoniously with one another, there is no such collision.  Their relationship looks more like a dance. Its tempo may vary based on the individual personalities.  When dancers synchronize their steps, they become one and flow as one on the dance floor.  This is what humanity has to learn to manifest in their relationships.  In outer space, galaxies cohabitate peacefully.  At your physical level, you have to learn to manifest these universal laws in your relationships.

“Due to the Lucifer rebellion, the mentality on this planet has sadly become a cutthroat mentality, a distortion of the expression “survival of the fittest.”  The Father loves all His children and wants to welcome them back in His Presence.  As siblings, you have to be each other’s protectors.  The older siblings of a family become the mentors of the younger ones.  This is how the family of humanity should function – as a family, not as isolated individuals.  Not one creature is sustainable by itself.  As you go through your day, become aware of this deep interconnection between All That Is and give thanks for the cosmic support you benefit from in your life. 

“You will come to realize that everything is truly a gift and gratitude will curse through your own being with more and more power.  Such gratitude is music to the ears of the Giver of all.”