Oregon, US of A
Saturday, November 4, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind that Jesus, by living His eventful human life, provided you with user-friendly tutorials that demonstrate the ‘how to’ respond to many types of human challenges—many of them of an emotional nature.

A good way to relate to them is to think of the many U-Tube tutorials that are made available to you and that provide you with audio-visual step-by-step demos pertaining to your topic of interest.

Jesus frequently spoke of Himself as being the way, the truth, and the life.  Your world has much changed since the days He lived as a human of the realm but the teachings He shared with humankind are timeless, as they pertain to behavioral responses to pattern situations, so to speak.  Truth with a “T” is absolute and unchanging.  Therefore, it is an ever-reliable reference and this is the reason why Jesus’ practical teachings had and still have a cosmic impact. 

A life well lived becomes an inspirational way-shower: “I am the way”.  Following its signposts will not mislead you to spiritual dead-ends.  Rather, it will give you access to the life beyond life—eternal life.  “I am the life.” 

Dear ones, go within and ponder how you can take advantage of these amazing resources.  Don’t you wish to dispel any inner confusion?  Don’t you wish to live with higher intentions?  Don’t you wish to become truly activated in your godlikeness and to subscribe to the ‘eternal life insurance policies’ that are freely offered to you upon your sincere asking?

Look at the various episodes reported about Jesus ‘life from the perspective of His emotional responses, as you are dealing with similar emotional triggers.  “How would Jesus respond?” is the best question to ask yourself.  This is how you will gain increasing self-mastery, as it is what made a Master out of the human Jesus.”