Oregon, US of A
Friday, March 2, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “The above saying entered your mind first thing this morning and you deemed it to be a good topic for our morning conversation.  Indeed, those who are able to accept what is beyond their personal control are best equipped to deal with it.  How so?

“Let us look at the opposite case scenario—the one filled with regrets and wishful thinking.  ‘I wish I had acted differently’, ‘I wish this had not happened’, ‘I wish I had more to show for’, … surely you have said it or heard it from multiple sources.

“Yet, you cannot change the past.  Why then dwell on it and crowd your thinking with the ghosts of many ‘if’ that have no power to change what is.  By doing so, you unwisely and unproductively dedicate to the bygone a great part of your energetic quota that, if it was directed instead to the present moment over which you have control, would serve you much better. 

“You are indeed at each present moment sitting at the steering wheel of your life.  Why would you then constantly stare at the rearview mirror?  As well, the future will remain elusive, if you fail to take the called-for actions in the now moment.  No matter how much wishful ‘thinking’ you project on a better future, it will never come to pass if you fail to roll up your sleeves in the ‘here and now’, as each present moment is a building block for its manifestation.

“Indeed, the past and the future are contained in your present.  Take a moment to ponder this, as it could be a welcome tipping point in your attitude toward life. 

From this perspective, each moment is a new opportunity for the activation of your potentials.  Access each day with this mindset and I, your I AM Presence, will make you aware of the productive opportunities that are seeded along your day.  I do not regretfully dwell on your past.  Neither do I pointlessly hope that your future will 'magically' manifest itself better and brighter.  I am way too practical for that.                                                                                     

“Rather, I point out to you the law of cause and effect that govern your life and suggest that you live with growing awareness so that each ‘informed’ decision you make becomes a precious link in the wonderfully orchestrated domino effect that is meant to propel you all the way toward eternity.  Such a ripple effect is unstoppable, being infused with your willpower and the wisdom of your Higher Self.”